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Reviewed: Friday, November 27th 2015

Israel Studies

Speaker: Roger Price

A selection of studies on Israel's position in the world today.

BBS 45: Does Israel Have a Future? Nations may come and nations may go, but the Lord God of Israel lives for ever. A study of God's limitless promises to His people provides an emphatic answer to this question.

STS 91/92: The Truth About Israel In Part 1 Roger outlines the various views about Israel in the first talk, before uncompromisingly stating which view he holds. Because God is faithful and true He will fulfil His promises to Israel. The analyses of Romans 9 and Galatians 3:29 are very enlightening!
In Part 2 the doctrine of The Remnant is explained and Paul's reference to the 'cutting off' of Israel in Romans 11 is made clearly understandable. Here is an outline of what is going to happen to Israel in the years ahead.

STS 110: God's Faithfulness to Israel An anointed and convincing talk in which Roger clearly reveals God's thoughts towards Israel. He shows that the much-preached belief that God is finished with Israel and that the Church has replaced her actually undermines God's character.

STS 139: Israel and the Church Or: Israel, The Stumbling-Stair of the Gentile Church. Allegorical or literal? Which way should we interpret the Bible? Roger gives fundamental principles that lead to a correct attitude to Israel and an understanding of the Church, showing why the Church can not be 'spiritual Israel'. Also covered is how to use the Word of God and how to understand what God is teaching us through it.

Reviewed: Friday, July 18th 2008

STS 86-88: The Temple

Speaker: Roger Price

Three superb studies showing God's desire to dwell amongst and fellowship with man

Our God is a God of fellowship and intimacy. Before the world was created God was fellowshipping: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This revelation is all the more glorious when we consider the lengths God has gone to fellowship with man. The 'Shekinah' glory, or dwelling presence of God, has been manifest in many places over the ages. In these talks, Roger shows the progression this has taken from the erection of the tabernacle in the wilderness and then the temple of Solomon to the indwelling of God in believers and finally His physical reign as King in Jerusalem.

In the first talk in this series, God With Us, Roger starts by showing God's heart for fellowship even from creation. He moves on to study the principle of God's dwelling place and it's history. Starting with the tabernacle and the ark, Roger continues by outlining the grandeur of the architecture of Solomon's Temple. In all of history there has never been a building so lavishly adorned! However, this was not the temple of Jesus' day and Roger outlines the building and destruction of the temples in Jerusalem.

Herod's Temple was not, thankfully, the culmination of God's plan to dwell with man. In Jesus Christ: The Real Temple we see all that was represented by the Tabernacle and the Temple coming into reality with the birth of Jesus upon the Earth.'The Word became flesh, and tabernacled among us and we beheld his glory.' John 1 v14 (BNV). Over the course of this talk Roger describes the details of this fulfilment.

The subject of the third study is the Church of Jesus Christ. A Temple of Living Stones, details how it is not only Jesus who fulfils the picture given of the Temple, but that we each, in a wonderful way, have our part and collectively fulfil the picture. In this study Roger reveals why 'Tongues of Fire' appeared on the disciples on the day of Pentecost.

Reviewed: Tuesday, March 11th 2008

The Resurrection of
Jesus Christ

Speaker: Paul Carter

A vital series of talks if we are to understand the importance and implications of the resurrection

The story of the resurrection is amongst the most well known portions of scripture for believers and non-believers alike. However, for many it remains just that: a story. Through these studies Paul demonstrates that the resurrection is a historically verifiable fact, the truth of which is fundamental to our lives as believers and our eternal salvation.

Starting with the Biblical account, Paul demonstrates that the scriptures are clear on the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. Not only was the event repeatedly foretold, but Jesus, in His resurrection body, was seen by more than 500 people! The testimony of those about at the time, both disciples and secular historians, is conclusive. It has been commented that if this case where to come before a court of law there could only be only one decision - Jesus is Alive.

In this series Paul doesn't simply state the Biblical case. Looking at the reports of contemporary writers he lays down not only the evidence for the resurrection but the flaws in the arguements against it. Going through the objections one-by-one Paul shows that each of the arguements used to 'de-bunk' the resurrection are untenable themselves.

This series reaches an excellent conclusion with Paul studing the implications and significance of the resurrection to us as believers. Just as death could not hold Christ, we are no longer conquered by death but are destined to resurrection as well. Paul explains how essential the centrality of the resurrection is, for "If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain" 1 Cor. 15:14. There is also a short discussion at the end of the talk.

This set of talks demonstrates the importance and impact the subject should have for all believers. It is not a topic that can be simply overlooked as the consequences of the resurrection are central to both our daily lives and eternal destiny. We highly recommend this set to you.

Reviewed: Tuesday, March 11th 2008

Divine Guidance

Speaker: Paul Carter

All three talks from Paul's series on discerning the will of God

One of the most important and foundational areas we as Christians must know is how to discern the voice of God. God is interested and involved in both the grand scheme of history and the every day details of our lives. We, as believers desire to see God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven but this requires first that we know what His will is. What are the usual ways in which God communicates with us? And are their any checks to make sure we're not getting it completely wrong.

While God has chosen some unusual ways to communicate to man through the ages, from burning bushes to thundering declarations and even donkies, most people will hear God in more familiar ways. Through this set of studies, Paul discusses the most common ways that God using in revealing His will to us. Having assertained that the Word is the primary means by which God reveals Himself and His will, Paul shows that all other means of discernment are subject to verification by the scriptures. Certainly, the will of God would not contradict His Word.

Over the three studies Paul looks at seven of the more common means by which God communicates to us. These including guidance from the Holy Spirit, guidance one-to-another, guidance through spiritual gifts and guidance by counsel. A number of important and challenging subjects are covered over these studies, including the use of the Lord's name when giving our words; the necessity of checking our guidance against scripture; and the use of private, personal words for one another.

Through the studies it is clear to see that God is not just concerned with the weighty decisions of our lives but is indeed interested and involved in guiding us through the small, everyday decisions of life. There is also some helpful advice for those feeling as though they are 'in the dark' as concerns God's will for them. This series should provide both a challenge and encouragement for everyone.