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Roger was the founder member of the Chichester Christian Fellowship (CCF). Roger was an extremely popular speaker and minister at churches, fellowships and conferences around the country and in Western Europe (especially Sweden and Western Germany). He was a prodigious worker, and during twelve years of Bible teaching he recorded over 290 Bible studies and wrote 4 books.

Roger Price graduated in Geography at Reading University where he became a Christian. Having spent a number of years being a vocal proponent of atheism, the newly saved Roger quickly went around evangelising as much of the campus as possible.

After telling God that there were large portion of the Bible that he neither understood nor believed, he asked God to open up the word to him - which God promptly did on a grand scale, revealing the Word to be 100% reliable from beginning to end.

Roger went on to study Education at Keble College, Oxford and became a teacher & Head of Geography at a secondary school in Chichester. He eventually went full-time with his Bible teaching ministry in 1975, having founded the CCF around 5 years earlier.

The revelations he received from the Lord and his clear understanding of the basic Biblical principles and doctrines were much admired and loved. This combined with his broad intellect gave him a profound knowledge of many disciplines, spending many hours in deep Bible study as well as in research into the languages, history, geography and cultures of the nations of biblical times.

His great gift, however, was to make complex things more understandable. Many people testify to having the Bible come alive to them in their own private study after listening to some of the 'Basic Bible Studies' which give a foundational interpretation of the Bible and its doctrines.

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Roger was called home by the Lord in January 1987 after a nine-month battle against cancer. However, in his short life, Roger achieved more than most of us do in a full lifetime - primarily by practising one of the main things he taught: keeping your first love first.

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