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UK and International Prices

We have recently changed the price structure to make things clearer and easier. Below you'll find the prices for all of our books, CDs, MP3s and DVDs. For delivery costs, please see our Deliveries and Returns page. Please also note that you can place orders either via our website or by phone.

Audio Study Prices

Unless on sale, all of our studies are as priced below. As listed below, we offer discounts on the BBS and STS sets. Please note that the cost no longer includes delivery as we've decided to separate this out for the sake of clarity. As mentioned on our Deliveries and Returns page, we try to process your order with 1 working day and dispatch it within 2 working days. By default, delivery within the UK is by Royal Mail Standard Post. We also offer First Class delivery at extra cost. For more details of UK and international delivery times and costs see our Deliveries and Returns page.

All Audio Items CDs MP3-CD DVD-ROM
Individual Studies £3.50 - -
Roger Price Studies CDs MP3-CD DVD-ROM
BBS Series 1,2,3 or 5 £45.00 £35.00 -
BBS Series 4 £65.00 £42.50 -
BBS Series 6 £29.00 £22.50 -
BBS Series 7 £42.00 £32.50 -
Complete BBS Series £250.00 £180.00 £160.00
Complete STS Series £400.00 £250.00 -
Complete FLS Series £77.00 £43.00 -
Complete TC Series £24.00 £20.00 -
Complete STS, FLS and TC Series - - £210.00
STS 01 - 27 MP3 - £35.00 -
STS 28 - 45 MP3 - £30.00 -
STS 46 - 59 MP3 - £28.00 -
STS 60 - 80 MP3 - £34.00 -
STS 81 - 100 MP3 - £35.50 -
STS 101 - 120 MP3 - £35.50 -
STS 121 - 130 MP3 - £20.00 -
STS 131 - 141 MP3 - £22.00 -
STS 142 - 151 MP3 - £20.00 -
STS 152 - 162 MP3 - £22.00 -
Complete BBS, STS FLS & TC £600.00 £300.00 £200.00

Book Prices

In addition to our CDs and Tapes, we have a number of books available. To keep postage costs as fair as possible, we calculate postage cost based on the total weight on your order. As such we don't quote postage and packing prices for each product. For more information on delivery costs see our Deliveries and Returns page.

Book Title Author Price
God's Wonderful Family Roger Price £5.00
Possessing The Land Roger Price £5.00
Victory In Jesus Roger Price £5.00
Set of 3 Books Above Roger Price £14.00
In the Beginning Roger Price £3.95
Salvation Roger Price £6.00
Grace and Judgement Roger Price £6.00
Set of 2 Books Above Roger Price £11.00
The Restored Vision Arthur Ware £8.00
'The Fourth Paper' Arthur Ware £4.50
Miracle Of Time Frank Paine £4.50
The 7 Times of the Gentiles Derek Walker £8.00
Daniel's Seventy Weeks Derek Walker £10.00 each
End Time Prophecy Part 1 Derek Walker £8.00 each
Joshua's Jericho Derek Walker £8.00
The Sabbath Issue Derek Walker £8.00
Mount Morriah Derek Walker £10.00
Revelations at Caesarea Philippi Derek Walker £8.00
Rome, Babylon the Great & Europe Bob Mitchell £8.75
Faith at Work Peter Michell £7.00
All Booklets Peter Michell £4.00
Noah's Tsunamis Norman Todd £2.50
The Star Gazing Story Norman Todd £2.50
Zodiac Notes Norman Todd £1.50
Miracle of Septenary Design Ivan Panin £0.75
Leaven Frank Paine £0.20
The Baptismal Formula Frank Paine £0.20

DVD Prices

Very few of the video recordings of Roger's (and other speakers') talks have survived the years. We have 4 DVDs of talks from the BBS and STS series. We also have 3 DVDs from the Creation Conference held in Bognor Regis in 1991. In addition, we have the 3 DVDs associated with Derek Walker's books. For more information on delivery costs see our Deliveries and Returns page.

DVD Title Speaker / Event Price
BBS 78: What We Believe About the Bible Roger Price £5.00
BBS 80: Men and Texts Roger Price £5.00
BBS 104: Fasting Roger Price £5.00
STS 98/99: Numerology (Double Study) Roger Price £5.00
VCC 1: 'Science and Evolution'
& 'Did Adam have ancestors'
Creation Conference £5.00
VCC 2: 'Decrease in the Speed of Light'
& 'Astronomy and the Bible'
Creation Conference £5.00
VCC 3: 'Post Flood European History'
& 'Did God use Evolution?'
Creation Conference £5.00
Joshua's Jericho:
Documentary DVD equivalent to the Book
Derek Walker £7.00
Daniel's Seventy Weeks:
Documentary DVD equivalent to the Book
Derek Walker £7.00
Mount Moriah:
2 Documentary DVD equivalent to the Book
Derek Walker £6.00
The Seven Times of the Gentiles:
Documentary DVD equivalent to the Book
Derek Walker £10.00
The Sabbath Issue:
Documentary DVD equivalent to the Book
Derek Walker £7.00

Payment Options

You can now purchase all of our products over the internet using our shopping basket powered by RomanCart and PayPal. PayPal lets you pay in a number of ways whether you have accounts with them or not, including most forms of Credit and Debit Card. Apart from buying directly from this website, you can also purchase items over the phone or by email.

Our office accepts payment by Cheque (made payable to 'CCF-Tape Account') and by Visa/MasterCard (Note not by Swicth or Solo). Please ensure that you have your card details to hand when you contact us, including card number and expiry date, 3 digit security number on the back of the card, cardholder's name, initials and address. Please also note that our actual office hours are 2:15pm-5:45pm Monday to Friday (UK Time), with an answerphone at other times. Nonetheless, you may well find us there at other times!!

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