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Our Team

Below, we've listed a number of the people who continue to be responsible for keeping this ministry going, nearly 40 years after its creation. There are many others who've been involved over the years and to all of them we're exceptionally grateful.

Ralph & Maggie Page

As members of The Chichester Christian Fellowship they have been associated with the Tape Ministry from its inception in 1972 when the copiers were simply a batch of ordinary cassette recorders connected together - engineered by Ralph - and operated by Maggie, among others.

Keith Cline and Ralph between them recorded all of Roger Prices Bible studies given at CCF meetings & conferences together with those of the other Elders & Ministers of CCF.

Ralph, an electronics design engineer with the BBC and Marconi, now retired, took over from Keith as Ministry Manager in December 1991 although Maggie, a Midwife and Special Care Baby Nurse, had been one of the team of part time "high speed copyists" for some time before. (The "high speed" refers to the machines used rather than physical movement!)

Ros Price

As well as being a contributor to the catalogue of studies (having recorded 4 talks at conference workshops) Ros is a very effective member of our team as one who constantly beseeches God for the material we have to be made known to as many people as possible. The number of times that she has prayed for a large order that has obviously been sent before she prayed is a wonderful testimony to her heart for the ministry, or rather, the effectiveness of prayer.

Ed Rigg

From being an ardent customer, Ed has become one of our most valued co-workers. Ed spent a vast amount of time transfering many of the talks from Tape to CD. He has probably become more familiar than anyone else with the contents of our studies!

Alan Manchester

As editor of the BBS Books 'Salvation' & 'Grace and Judgement' he has provided both invaluable reference guides for our most popular tapes as well as the encouragement and friendship that often keep us going!

Martin Thompson

Martin, who went to be with the Lord early in 2018, as well as recording some of our talks on chronology, also ran Bible Voice Broadcasting which uses talks by Roger Price & Peter Michell on short wave radio over India.

Peter Michell

Peter spent 10 years as the director of the International Christian Commerce as well as producing a number of booklets and tapes on various aspects of Christian Life. Amongst the subjects Peter has covered are Chronology and Money, with many in conjunction with Martin Thompson.

Malcolm Coulson

Malcolm has always had the tapes ministry at the heart of his Christian interests and constantly prays for the continuance of a ministry based on the truth of the Word of God.