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We occasionally publish a newsletter so as to let them know what's been going on in the world of CCF Tapes. You can now get this newsletter via email by using the form on the Contact Us page and if that wasn't easy enough you can also download the most recent newsletter below!


In one of our previous newsletters, issued in July 2010, we feature the Bible studies from the recent 'Discovering Hidden Treasures' conference featuring Brian Gemmell from Prophetic Witness Ministries International and Jonathan Hill.

We also announced the issue of the Roger Price studies in MP3 form on DVD Rom. That's 293 studies on 3 disks! Other highlights include a list of the recent talks given by our current Elders.

We also announced three new books by Derek Walker, Senior Pastor of Oxford Bible Church. Daniel's Seventy Weeks is a development of the work by Sir Edward Denny. The Sabbath Issue addresses the contoversial issue of the Sabbath Law. Mount Moriah, Golgotha and the Garden Tomb is his most recent book.

If you would like to receive the next newsletter when it is published please fill in the form here.

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