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Useful Websites

There are a number of organisations that we thought you might be interested in. Some have helped distribute our studies, some have helped us as an organisation while others are Christian sites with excellent resources in specific fields. We've also listed some sites that have been hugely useful in building this site.

About the Sites

To visit the sites that we have listed below simply click on either the website's URL or snapshot. Feel free to link to our site. We aim to be careful about who we link to and as such we have looked through the sites detailed below, however, it is important to stress that these websites are listed for your interest and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of us at the Tapes ministry. Check out the links and see what you think - as it were, take in the meat and spit out the bones!

The King's Gate Church
This is a snapshot of our new website

Find out what we are like, when we meet and get details of our new podcast

Our churches new website is up and running. Here you can find out a little more about what the King's Gate Church (previously Chichester Christian Fellowship) is like - our vision, values, beliefs and meetings. There is also information on our recently launched podcast and some study notes to accompany them.

Living Word Books
This is a snapshot of their website

Our local Christian bookstore is now online

Living Word Books, run by Tony and Lindsay Leney, was established in 1960 as an Independent, Interdenominational Bookshop and Resource Centre in Bognor Regis. They stock a wide variety of Bibles, books, music, gifts and cards and can help you with resources for the home, church and school.

Shiloah Ministries
This is a snapshot of their website

Presenting the work of Frank Paine and A. E. Ware

Many of the papers of Frank Paine and Arthur Ware can be found transcribed here. In addition there is a transcribed copy of 'Miracle of Time' by Frank Paine with explanatory notes, charts, further reading and a section on understanding the Midrashic Hermeneutic that it would seem Jesus and the apostles employed.

Creation Science Movement
This is a snapshot of their website

Restoring faith in the Bible and science

The oldest creationist movement in the World, founded in 1932. Based in Portsmouth, and with a recently opened Expo centre, their aim is to show that the Scriptures, and in particular those that relate to Creation, are reliable. In addition, they publish and distribute the journal 'Creation', pamphlets, books, video and audio tapes discussing how Creation is supported by true science.

Prophetic Witness International
This is a snapshot of their website

Founded in 1917 to proclaim the pre-millenial return of Jesus Christ

Articles, studies, teaching and meeting information. The site contains information about the Prophectic Witness magazine as well as hosting a large amount of regularly updated articles on the subject of future prophecy, particularly the second coming and the current signs of the times.

King's Access Technology
This is a snapshot of their website

We are a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products in the Accessible and Visually Impaired (VI) product space.

As well as being enjoyed by regular customers, our products also enable (often elderly and vulnerable) people to maintain their independent lifestyle and provide essential content delivery that is often overlooked by mainstream manufacturers. We are industry experts in developing audio technology for visually impaired users and those that prefer a simpler design without endless menus and screens. We are a second generation, independent British family run business.

KBS Sound
This is a snapshot of their website

Highly recommended audio and visual equipment supplier

A Christian company with great quality equipment at great prices. Since 1988 KBS Sound has specialised in the supply & specification of sound systems for churches throughout the United Kingdom. Having supplied thousands of churches and individuals with products for use in church services and meetings, KBS have the reputation for supplying the right products first time.