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Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly. Col. 3:16

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Cassette Tape Library System

We offer a Library service so as to make the Basic Bible Study (BBS) tapes available to those who are genuinely unable to contribute to their cost. Simply email or call us, stating which tapes you would like to borrow (up to 4 at once) and including any contribution you can afford to cover postage. Then return them to us and request 4 more, although you'll need to pay the return postage.

Postage Guide

Here's a simple guide to how much it costs us to post the tapes to you (and for you to return them):

4 tapes flat packed & sent as 2nd Class Large Letter Post is 75p.

4 tapes stacked & sent as 2nd Class Small Parcel is £2.85.

Polite Request

Can we please ask that you rewind the tapes before returning them. We would also ask that you remove any staples from the packet before returning as these can sometimes cut the hands of those handling them!

Available Tapes

Our library system is here to ensure that the excellent teaching in the Basic Bible Study tapes are available to all. Theses series (99 tapes in all) form a thorough foundation of teaching, building a excellent understanding of the scriptures. In the first series of the seven in the Basic Bible Study course, Roger explains the nature of our Salvation before exploring the areas of Judgement and Prophecy over the next three series. The course continues with possibly the most mature set of studies Roger recorded, namely the Characer of God series, before finishing with an exploration of the Word of God & looking at the Essentials for Growth in our spiritual lives.