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Series 2: Judgements

Many choose to ignore the fact that God will judge the human race. Beginning with the lovely principle of grace before judgement, Roger uses this series to outline and reinforce the coming judgement of God. This ends with a call to evangelism - do we really understand what lies ahead for our unbelieving friends and neighbours?

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BBS 15: Jesus the Judge
BBS 17: Jonah
BBS 19: Crooked Counsel
BBS 21: Self-Judgement or Chastening?
BBS 23: Palaces or Mud Huts?
BBS 25: Horns and Carpenters
BBS 27: The Wise and Foolish Virgins
BBS 16: The Age of Methuselah
BBS 18: The Three Falls
BBS 20: When Calvary Blossomed
BBS 22: The Reasons for Discipline
BBS 24: The Five Cycles of Discipline
BBS 26: The Baptism of Fire
BBS 28: The Great White Throne