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Our church has always been blessed with a number of excellent bible teachers. The majority of the studies we have in our catalogue were given by Roger Price, who founded Chichester Christian Fellowship in 1970/1. In a short space of time Roger recorded around 290 audio studies as well as writing 4 books.
In addition to Roger's studies, we have many others given by our regular ministers (including more than 170 by our current pastoral elder John France) and an excellent collection of books and booklets from a number of authors. Amongst these are Peter Michell, Roger Price, Roger French, Richard Snowdon, Frank Paine, Arthur Ware and Norman Todd covering areas such as creation, faith, chronology and the end times.

Autumn Discount

We have reduced the price of some of the sets of CDs and MP3s.

The full set of BBS, STS, FLS & TC audio CDs is now only £600!
The 3 MP3 DVD Roms are now only £200!
The set of 21 MP3 CDs is now only £300!

Also!! - further discounts on BBS Books
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New Website!

From there you can download MP3s of the Basic Bible Studies.
Some of the Special Topic Studies have been added and more will follow in due time.

New Book

We recently received a new book by Richard E Snowdon - The Missing Baptism.
"This book is an attempt to help believers examine the Scripture afresh on the vital matter of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. It invites you to lay aside the distorting spectacles of denominational prejudice, unbelief, fear and pride and take the Scriptures at face value."

New Book

We have just received a new book by
Roger French & Andrew Baguley -
God's Glorious Promise.
"This book seeks to interpret the signs of the times in the context of God's Glorious Promise. It is more than the Biblical teaching; it contains God's call to a life of prayer, repentance, holiness and evangelism as we see the Day approaching."

New DVDs

We have added some new DVDs to our collection. Some are 'video' versions of the audio studies and some are similar to audio studies.

February 2014 - Even more added!

Roger Price Booklet
- New Edition

This new book was first published as part of the 'Explaining' series by Sovereign World International from whom permission has been granted for this edition. Written for Christian and non-Christian alike. "All come from dust, and to dust all return" (Ecclesiastes 3:20)
Price £5.00 £3.00