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New event - Creation Conference March 23rd
  • Free Downloads of Basic Bible Studies Series 1: Salvation Free Downloads of Basic Bible Studies Series 1: Salvation
    Now available
    Click on the GREEN Download button for the appropriate study on the BBS Downloads page and the MP3 file will be delivered to your computer's download folder.
  • <center>New Roger Price CD</center>
    New Roger Price CD
    BBS 91:The Bible in England

    This talk is about the men who brought us the Bible in English.

    Recorded at a weekend conference in 1984 it has been added to Series 6: The Word of God

  • MP3s on Flash Drive MP3s on Flash Drive
    We can now offer the Roger Price studies on SD Cards or Flash Drives. Massive reduction!!

    These are in the MP3 format.

    Have a look at the 'Other Media' page to see what is available.

  • New Book: Eternal Security New Book: Eternal Security

    We have issued a new booklet 'Explaining Eternal Security' by Roger Price, edited by Alan Manchester. This is essential reading for anyone who is not sure if or when they can lose their salvation.

  • New Book: What Happens After Death

    Written for Christian and non-Christian alike. "All come from dust, and to dust all return" (Eclesiastes 3:20)
    Price £5.00 £3.00

    New Book: What Happens After Death
  • New DVD New DVD We have just issued a new DVD 'The Forging of Codex Sinaiticus' by Dr Bill Cooper. This is a Powerpoint plus audio presentation. Bill discusses the history of the forgery and shows how it has influenced many of the more modern versions of the Bible
  • New DVDs New DVDs We have added some new DVDs to our collection. Some are 'video' versions of the audio studies and some are similar to audio studies.

    As of April 2018 there are 13 DVDs by Roger Price and 6 others

Our church has always been blessed with a number of excellent bible teachers. The majority of the studies we have in our catalogue were given by Roger Price, who founded Chichester Christian Fellowship in 1970/1. Roger recorded over 290 audio studies as well as writing 4 books.
In addition to Roger's studies, we have many others given by our regular ministers including more than 180 by John France, one of our Elders and an excellent collection of books and booklets from a number of authors. Amongst these are Peter Michell, Roger Price, Roger French, Richard Snowdon, Frank Paine, Arthur Ware and Norman Todd covering areas such as creation, faith, chronology and the end times.